Internal Combustion Engine pdf by V Ganesan free ebook download

Internal Combustion Engines textbook usually known as IC Engine textbook was written by V Ganesan latest edition is published by Tata McGraw Hill Education Private limited.

IC Engines occupies a prominent position in curriculum of Mechanical Engineering. Dr.V.Ganesan using his teaching and research experience in the field of IC engines wrote this textbook. IC Engine book became one of the most useful book for all the Engineering students and engineers in the Transportation and Power fields. Excluding few development topics of Rotary Combustion Engine, IC Engine textbook covered rest of the topics relating to study of engines.


download  internal combustion engines free ebook

Download Internal Combustion Engine by V Ganesan pdf-ebook free

IC Engine has synthesized the basics of many disciplines like fluid flow, thermodynamics, combustion, heat transfer and chemical kinetics. Keeping in view the importance of IC engines, many universities are introducing courses on subjects as an intrinsic part of thermal engineering curriculum.
 In 1st edition, right from the fundamentals you can gain knowledge regarding IC engines and this book is useful to both UG and PG.

As developments taken place in the field of IC Engines, 2nd edition is released which involves few topics like Alternate fuels, Electronic injection systems, Engine emission and their control, Engine electronics and their supercharging.

Keeping competitive exams in mind 3rd edition was released with just by adding some objective type questions for all topics individually and also various types of problems kept as excersie so that everyone can have an idea of problems facing in field.

IC Engine book serves as textbook for all courses relating Transportation and power field. It covers all the universities syllabus all over the country and is mainly useful for preparing competitive exams like GATE & UPSC.


Topics covered in IC Engine ebook/pdf by V Ganesan:

  • Introduction
  • Review of Basic principles
  • Air standard cycles and  Analysis 
  • Fuel Air cycle and their Analysis
  • Actual cycle and their analysis
  • Fuels
  • Alternate fuels
  • Carburetion
  • Mechanical Injection system
  • Electronic injection system
  • Ignition
  • Combustion and combustion chambers
  • Engine friction and lubrication
  • Heat rejection and cooling
  • Engine emission and their control
  • Measurements and testing
  • Engine electronics
  • Supercharging
  • Two-stroke engines

IC Engine by V Ganesan is a very good book to gain knowledge regarding Transportaion and Power field right from basics. The author kept his complete field experience to explain all the concepts clearly. Best book among the Indian authors. All the topics are covered for the under graduate and post graduate courses.

Download Internal combustion engines by V Ganesan ebook / pdf

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