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Word Power Made Easy PDF by Norman Lewis is a great book that does more to add words to your vocabulary. This book teaches the methods and ideas to expand your knowledge as a part of your vocabulary developing process. This book guides us in a proper way to use the words correctly, to avoid illiterate expressions, to spell the words correctly to speak in proper grammar and in lot more ways. This book is written in an accessible and lively style by the author Norman Lewis.


Word Power made easy by Norman Lewis PDF free download/ ebook

Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy pdf also contains many useful sections regarding which of the grammar rules are applicable and those which are not valid or misguided and be ignored safely. This book is completely loaded with progress checks, useful reviews and also quizzes for strengthening the material. This classic book had helped millions of people across the world in learning to speak as well as write in English with great confidence.

Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy Book Review

As per the users of the book, it is awesome way to build up your vocabulary and it is very appealing to read. It helps the candidates who are preparing for the Aptitude and GRE exam. Daily reading this book at least for 15 minutes will help you become master in only one month. It is really inspiring book with effective and simple test.
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Word Power Made Easy has many useful words along with their explanations. It too had few exercises for practice after each and every chapter to help the words remember by the users in a better way. Author of the book will encourage the users to try harder to learn and it is a must and should try book.

This was the most trusted by book by millions of people and there are no words to say the about the grandness of the book.

This book teaches the words in an interesting way so that users can remember them for long time and the book is broken in to number of sessions with periodic reviews which are very helpful to the users.

About the Author of Word Power Made Easy- Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis was born on 30th of December 1912 in Brooklyn. He was an author, lexicographer and etymologist, grammarian and the chief officials on skills in English language. He wrote his first book named “Journeys Through Wordland” when he was as student at the Columbia University in the year 1941. Apart from this book he has written many other books such as Dictionary of Word Power, 30 Days to Better English, Speak Better and many more. The best known book among them is “Word Power Made Easy” which was published in the year 1949. He also edited Roget’s Theasurus many editions. He has passed away in the year 2006 in Whittier, California.

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